Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece 2016 ! 04.11.2016

We were very honoured to receive one of the "Stelios Awards for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece 2016"


Roots Italian Cocktail Competition Results 30.09.2016

Knowing our Roots from Italy to Greece !
The first Roots Cocktail Competition took place on the 19th of September in Milano at Sheraton Diana Majestic.


Italian Cocktail Competition Finalists 29.08.2016

Thank you very much for this incredible participation in our "Know your Roots Italian Cocktail Competition" !


Know your Roots... On the way to Athens 03.06.2016

Conosci le tue Radici (Know your Roots) ... Sulla strada per Atene (On the way to Athens)

Roots Cocktail Competition - Italy 2016



site:files/bar show 2015 and cocktail list15/coverjpeg.jpg


Our video interview on 01.06.2015 was founded in 2013 as an initiative to restore and promote the image of the country abroad, through the faces of people with charisma



January February 2015 Photostory 10.03.2015

Our #insta #photostory of January and February, or what we have been up to !


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Roots Minis box set 08.03.2015

We just launched our Roots minis box set !


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Seasonal List of Exceptional Drinks Vol.2 22.07.2014

4 liqueurs, 22 (amazing) featured drinks, 4 world's top 50 best bars, 1 perfect serve, 4 countries and a lot of d̶̶r̶̶u̶̶n̶̶k̶ happy and productive tasting nights ! Our second Seasonal List of Exceptional Drinks is finally here !



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Roots Mini - Me's 24.05.2014

How much fun can you fit in 5cl ? Just check out our brand new Roots miniature series and see for yourself. Mini Roots, identical with their bigger brothers, silk screen printed and handled with the same care. 



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