Roots at Bar Convent Berlin 2016 03.11.2016

In October 2016 we took part again at the biggest bar show, Bar Covnent Berlin of course !

This year we had alnogside at our bar the Roots ambassador in Germany Lukas Motejzik, and Simon Köster, from Herzog and Zephyr in Munich. 


Our German Roots brand ambassador Lukas Motejzik was voted the best "Mixologist of the year" in Germany at the Mixology magazine awards !! A great honour for Lukas who appart from mixologist of the year, is also an amazing guy !

Lukas was all day with us doing amazing things, alongside Simon !

Our stand just before the show


"Mixologist of the year" Germany by Mixology magazine & Roots ambassador, Lukas Motejzik


Simon Köster


We had the honour of having two featured official cocktails in other stands:
At Moet Hennessy Deutschland, "The Oracle" was the official Belvedere vodka cocktail, with Roots Mastiha & dry Vermouth, made by Oliver von Carnap 


And at Pernod Ricard Deutschland, Axel Klubescheidt's already classic 'Mustini', with Absolut Elyx, Roots Mastiha & Lillet blanc, here executed by Lukas.

In the end we had some fun with some of our many friends at the show !


See you next year !