Roots Italian Cocktail Competition 10.10.2016

Knowing our Roots from Italy to Greece ! 

With great success and an incredible number of more than 100 official entrants - participants, the first Roots Cocktail Competition finished last week and we have the three winners ! The final took place on the 19th of September in Milano, at Sheraton Diana Majestic, with finalists joining us from as far south as Napoli and from all around Italy including Florence, Torino, Veneto, Rome etc. The large number of participants and the very high quality of all cocktails, made it very hard to define the 12 finalists that came to the final in Milan.
Roots are transforming traditional recipes into modern premium spirits, and as in Greece, also in Italy tradition, aromas & flavours are blended in a unique way. This is why our first Competition was the first ever Cocktail competition organized in another country.
From Italy, the land of the liqueurs, the amari, the flavours and with one of the richest bar histories, leading to Greece, a land of heritage and Roots. 
Regardless of the place we all have our common Roots somewhere, 




All 12 finalists were excellent. Namely the finalists and their cocktails
• Crino' Luca, Pasticceria Massimo 1970 - "Tindaroots"
• Carrubba Livio, Cloakroom Cocktail Lab - "Mar di Sogno"
• Piergigli Silvia, Corallino coffee 'n' cocktails - "Mithos"
• Colombo Mauro, Barrier - "Nice to meet you"
• Forzoni Lorenzo, Rivalta Cafe - ""Malezas
• Granero Luca, Hasu Alba - "Rakontamelo"
• Pitanti Alessandro, 67 Sky Lounge Bar - "Radici Profonde"
• Rossetto Andrea, Future Fusion - "Beatitudine"
• Sasso Eleonora, La Zanzara - "Afrodita"
• Sciacca Gianfranco, Il Bacio Èlite - "Elio"
• Tassia Fabrizio, Happening Cocktail Bar - "Back home"
• Pancaldi Alberto, La Zanzara - "Roots Sailor's #2"
& the runner ups:

Bussi Renzo, Rolling Stone Music & Cocktail Bar
Pasolini Mattia, Octavius Bar at The Stage Milano
Scelsi Nicolo' Roberto, Octavius Bar at The Stage Milano
Costamagna Pietro, Bove's
Mohammed Afsahi, CiVi&Co
Chillon Enrico Caffe,' Ponte Vecchio
Turconi Mirko, Piano 35 Lounge Bar


We had an excellent panel of judges that consisted of world renowned bar personalities: two pioneers of the bartending scene with an amazing experience of more than 30 years and two young, most talented and already multiawarded ambassadors of the new bar scene

Umberto Caselli, honorary president International Bartenders Association IBA
Gianmario Artosi, Milan Marriott Hotel 
Gabriele Manfredi, Oriole Bar London - Roots ambassador
Mattia Pastori, damascieglere, Milan - World Class Italy 2016

Waiting for the competition to begin
The judges had a tough job
After a long process and after seeing amazing presentations the three winning cocktails were the following
"Radici Profonde", the winning cocktail by Alessandro Pitanti !
30ml Roots Tentura
20ml Mezcal 
15ml Choya umeshu green
20ml Campari
 "Rakontamelo" by Luca Granero
The 2nd prize winner !
45ml Roots Rakomelo
30ml Rum
15ml Licor 43
80gr fresh pineapple 
30ml goat milk
"Afrodita" by Eleonora Sasso
The third winner !

30ml Roots Tentura
60ml Rum Reimonenq
30ml pineapple puree
25ml vanilla chocolate syrup
25ml lime juice 
The three winners

Mr. Walter Rossi presenting the third Italian Roots Cocktail Competition prize to Eleonora Sasso

Mrs. Marina Del Puppo presenting the second Italian Roots Cocktail Competition prize to Luca Granero

Mr. Nikolas Smyrlakis presenting the first Italian Roots Cocktail Competition prize to Alessandro Pitanti

The winner will visit the Athens Bar Show in November and present the winning cocktail there, as well as in one of Athens top cocktail bars !
See you all there !
We would like to thank more than anyone the following friends for their great input, these recipes were almost in the final for very few points !
The competition was very tough and we would like to see you next time !


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