Athens Bar Show 2016 30.11.2016

November is the month of the Athens Bar Show !


Roots at Bar Convent Berlin 2016 03.11.2016

In October 2016 we took part again at the biggest bar show, Bar Covnent Berlin of course  


Roots Italian Cocktail Competition 10.10.2016

Knowing our Roots from Italy to Greece !
The first Roots Cocktail Competition took place on the 19th of September in Milano at Sheraton Diana Majestic.


Imbibe Live, London, July 2016 25.07.2016

London is always sunny during the Imbibe Live show. Can't be only luck !


Aperitivi & Co Experience, Milano, March 2016 25.04.2016

Every year we like to have our Roots aperitivo in March in Milan.

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Athens Bar Show 2015 02.12.2015

Last November the largest so far Athens Bar Show took place, in Athens - Greece of course. The show that is revolving around one of the most vibrant and exciting barscenes, with many dedicated visitors, gets bigger and bigger. Of course we were there -we never miss the fun- and we presented a range of easy-to-make cool long drinks with Finest Roots liqueurs to friends and colleagues. 



Aperitivi & Co Experience (Italy, Milan) and Deals Gastronomy Fair (Athens, Greece) - March 2015 06.04.2015

Following the same pattern like last year, in March we took part in two wonderful and very focused events.


Bar Convent Berlin, Athens Bar Show and in between - Photostory, October 2014 20.11.2014


Last October and November were a busy, creative and exciting time. After all "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" - Albert Camus

During this period we had great fun !


Autumn time - It's (bar)show time 30.09.2014

The season starts hot with Bar Convent Berlin. 



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Imbibe live, London, July 2014 18.07.2014

On the 1st and 2nd of July 2014 we participated at the Imbibe Live festival at the Olympia Grand Hall in London. A great exhibition that is getting bigger and better every year, organized by Imbibe and focusing on the on-trade world for UKs best brands.



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