When truly great drinks are easy to make - UK cocktail competition 01.06.2017


Roots is a family of four proud & authentic spirits. New age, rediscovered liqueurs with rare and unique ingredients from Greece, they have been traditionally consumed in different ways throughout the centuries.

Two brothers, Nikolas and Manos Smyrlakis decided to go back to their Roots and looked again at the heritage and natural ingredients like Chios mastic resin, mountain honey, true cinnamon bark & wild Cretan dittany, introducing the most modern, yet authentic liqueur (r)evolution.


As Gabriele Manfredi, head bartender of Oriole bar and brand ambassador of Roots in the UK, explains, Roots Mastic is slowly becoming a trend in Londonʼs high end cocktail bars as it is as a very interesting and natural flavour, versatile for bartenders and engaging for consumers.

 Roots philosophy brings us back to the four basic elements of nature, where everything is elemental, natural and true. This is also the logic of back to the Roots UK competition: Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, the unique ingredients & a story to tell.

If you have your ideal Roots serve idea and your story, you just need to blend it together and send it to us at and win a trip to the most vibrant bar show of Europe in Athens in November, alongside a guest in one of Athens many world class bars.

The first participants will even receive a free Roots Mastiha sample to play with, so be quick and send a mail requesting your competition brochure with your Roots gift to get started !



Duration of the competition is from the 1st of June to the 15th of July. Final will take place in London, venue To Be Announced soon

Roots stockists & order information through Spirit Cartel tel. 020 7609 4711 •



- Drink specs: taste & simplicity • Minimum 30ml ROOTS • no homemade ingredients • maximum total of 4 ingredients

- 1st. prize, trip to Athens Bar Show in November

- 2nd. prize 100GBP Cocktail Kingdom voucher

- 3d. prize 70GBP Cocktail Kingdom voucher

- A final will take place in London (Venue TBC) in July

-8 finalists will be chosen to participate in the final

- Finalists must come on their own expense to London.

- Finalists can use any other ingredients / brands in their recipes, but will have to bring the

bottles of the brands which are not listed in the Spirit Cartel portfolio for the final

- The selection based on the specs will be made by the Roots Brand Ambassadors and high profile bartenders

- Duration of the competition is from the 15th of May to the 15th of July

- UK orders info: Spirit Cartel tel. 020 7609 4711 •



Download the entry form , the competition brochure or just send us your recipe with your name / venue name and attached pictures optionally to and you are in !