Distilled with natural water.
Only 100% natural extracts, no flavour essences, or artificial flavourings


Origanum dictamnus, or dittany of Crete (diktamo), is the maestro of a symphony of herbs and spices harmonized together into the original Herb Spirit.

Dittany has been known since ancient times for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. Its collection from the edges of steep rock faces in the mountains of Crete has always been a dangerous and risky activity, attracting strong and passionate men, often called ‘love seekers’. Cretan dittany thus has a second name, ‘erontas’ (love). Aristotle, among other ancient scholars, wrote about dittany‘s unique curing properties.

Herb Spirit is novel in its own way. A greek 'amaro', it carries the mystery and unique properties of elite herbs of the greek mountains, in a premium new age liquer.

Enjoy / Frozen shot, or on the rocks. Supreme for rich and earthy cocktails, straight up for a natural kick.
Flavour / A cerebral and layered taste combining harmonically herbal profusion with fruity subtleness. It gives a firm and gently bitter mouthfeel, mimicking the sense of a ‘sweet velvet’ texture.
Aroma / Peaty richness contrasted with herbal freshness.
Color / Deep but flaming brown with shades of orchid.

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