Distilled with natural water.
Only 100% natural extracts, no flavour essences, or artificial flavourings


Roots Rakomelo (meli: honey in greek) blends natural honey in perfect harmony with the strong grape (raki) spirit & contains only honey and no sugar. Rakomelo has been consumed warm in the winter & used throughout the centuries in Greece as a warm remedy. Locals on the Aegean islands used to warm up raki (grape pomace distillate; grappa) and add honey, as a warm treat to share among friends.

• Enjoy hot off the stove with orange and clove

Flavour / Naturally sweet, honey, and spirited taste. Subtle presence of spices with a very rich and delicate mouthfeel.
Aroma / Strong and flamboyant, fruity and slightly nutty smell with a noticeable spirity entourage.

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