ROOTS Rakomelo
Naturally sweet, honey, and spirited taste. Subtle presence of spices with a very rich and delicate mouthfeel.
ROOTS Mastic
Unique & apparent mastic flavour
ROOTS Kanela
Rich and lush earthy taste with a sweet peppermint and french vanilla feel; a sense of a sweet ʻcigar boxʼ cedary aftertaste.
ROOTS Diktamo
A cerebral and layered taste combining harmonically herbal profusion with fruity subtleness. It gives a firm and gently bitter mouthfeel, mimicking the sense of a ʻsweet velvetʼ texture.

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Simplicity, heritage, natural ingredients

Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, unique ingredients & a story to tell.

The Roots Family
The Roots Family