ROOTS Rakomelo
A centuries old recipe of a soothing raki brew with mountain honey and spices from the Aegean Islands in Greece.
ROOTS Mastic
An aromatic voyage to the Greek island of Chios, the only place the fabled mastic resin tree grows, distilled to enticing perfection. Mastic is the resin of the native Mastic trees on Chios island.
ROOTS Kanela
A revived 15th century “tentura" recipe, from the Ionian Islands in Greece, with true cinnamon and clove buds.
ROOTS Diktamo
Liquorice and orris fold into the herbal wilderness of diktamo, a rare plant from the mountains of the Greek island of Crete.

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Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, unique ingredients & a story to tell.

The Roots Family
The Roots Family