Back to the Roots UK competition - The winners photostory !

Back to the Roots UK competition - The winners photostory !

It has been a blast !
See what happened at our UK competition final in London, on the 25th of September !


Back to the Roots UK competition - The winners photostory !

Although our ROOTS are in Greece, we like to see how our friends abroad perceive their own Roots. This is why last year we held our annual cocktail competition in Italy with a similar concept (see what happened last year here), and this year it was time for UK and London !

It was a simple, yet tough competition, as most finalists confirmed. The philosophy of Roots brings us back to the four basic elements of nature, where everything is elemental, natural and true. This was also the logic of back to the Roots UK competition:

Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, the unique ingredients & a story to tell.

With a maximum of 4 ingredients and no homemade infusions or hard to find materials, it is not easy to find the perfect balance, therefore you need a good idea, amazing products & an interesting yet balanced flavour.

We were hosted by Cahoots bar in London, having alongside two bar legends as judges, Ben Reed and Simone Caporale, and some greek snacks waiting for us at the Life Goddess for our break, just on the top floor of the same building. A great Monday was starting !

In a nutshell:


Sergio Leanza, NINE LIVES BAR
Roots Mastiha
Sweet Vermouth
Fresh Lemon Juice
Lager Beer

2nd. place Marco Misao Di Gregorio, Wringer + Mangle London Fields
Roots Mastiha
Italicus Rosolio
Gin Mare
Lemon Juice

3d. place Giannis Sitanos, The Savoy London, American Bar
Roots Mastiha
Barolo Chinato

A big thank you to our judges Simone Caporale & Ben Reed, maestro Gabriele Manfredi, the amazing Spirit Cartel team, Michele Venturini & the Cahoots London Team and of course Nikos Nyfoudis and The Life Goddess Kingly Court for the great (greek) treats !
See you at the Athens Bar Show

BUT WAIT, let's see what happenned step by step!

Going at Cahoots:

Meet the finalists:

The welcome drink (ROOTS MASTIHA, fresh lime drops and a splash of tonic !)

Stop: Cahoots:

Morning briefing with Simone Caporale, Gabriele Manfredi -Roots UK ambassador & Oriole head bartender- and Nikolas Smyrlakis of Roots:

Ben Reed on the floor, sharing some amazing stories from cocktail competitions

Simone reading the news:

Benjamin Smith, coming from Exeter & Doctor Ink's Curiosities came in first:

Second was Christopher Menning from the Graveye Manor in Sussex:

Federico Penzo from the Looking Glass used a strange looking serve:

True judge chemistry:

Giannis Sitanos, the greek fellow of the group, showing some Savoy class:

Tough job:

Peter Konkoly from the Arts club in London using both Roots Herb Spirit and Roots Mastiha in his serve:

Leonardo Baggio from Cahoots is starting:

Under the close monitoring by his colleague & our host, Michele Venturini:

The Spirit Cartel lads, Sam Haddon, Christopher Gutierrez and Adam Keeligan, enjoying it:

Oriole bar is on the floor with Mihai Ostafi:


Marco Misao di Gregorio from Wringer & Mangle, says he didn't do it:

Great fellow Nick Jackson from Bourne & Hollingsworth giving us a nice smile:

More smiles:

Paolo Molinaro from Hutong at the Shard, showing his Roots !

Sergio Leanza from the Nine Lives and his serve:

Simone Solporini from 45 Park Lane engaged everyone with his performance:

Vincenzo Pagliara with a classic Connaught bar smile


Yann Bouvignies from Scarfes bar in London, giving a french atmosphere:

Always under his bar manager's eyes, Greg Almeida:

(Greek) Lunch Time at the Life Goddess at Kingly Court

And.... Awards time !

Winner n.3, Giannis Sitanos from the Savoy !


Winner n.2 Marco Misao di Gregorio, from Wringer & Mangle

AND.. Winner n.1 Sergio Leanza !

A big family

See you in Athens !!

You can see all the photos & drinks in our COMPETITION FACEBOOK ALBUM 

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