Bar Convent Brooklyn

Bar Convent Brooklyn

And the Roots special night at the 18th Room in NYC


Bar Convent Brooklyn

Ladies and gentlemen, our first show on the other side of the Atlantic happened last week !
BCB, but this time not in Berlin but in Brooklyn !

As always after the show we had a Roots night in NYC !

On the first night of the Bar Convent Brooklyn, the Roots guys took over for two hours the new -talk of the town- speakeasy: The 18th Room !

The 18th Room in Chelsea comes from Dave Oz of the gin-centric speakeasy Bathtub Gin, which is just next door. It lies behind a faux coffee supply store, offers personalised cocktails and its team, philosophy and atmosphere have made it one of the best new NYC hotspots !

Roots guys:
Dimitrios Elias Zahariadis is currently looking back at his own roots from Greece, being the Roots ambassador in New England on the East Coast of the US, based in Connecticut.

Hector Videla has his roots in Argentina and is "El Roots Cantinero" in NYC, based at Bathtub Gin bar.

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