Know your Roots... On the way to Athens

Know your Roots... On the way to Athens

Conosci le tue Radici (Know your Roots) ... Sulla strada per Atene (On the way to Athens)

Roots Cocktail Competition - Italy 2016



Know your Roots... On the way to Athens

Conosci le tue Radici (Know your Roots) ... Sulla strada per Atene (On the way to Athens)

​The Roots Italian Competition is here ! Find yourself in the Athens Bar Show !

It is the time to Know your Roots with an all italian cocktail competition, create a classic cocktail and submit your recipe until the 31st of July at and find yourself in the most vibrant Bar show of Europe, in Athens in November, and in Kalamata, to discover our “Roots”.

Roots is a family of four remarkable new flavors with deep “roots” in the past. Roots is a range of natural and handcrafted premium liqueurs that combine the unique experience of four generations of distilling with a contemporary philosophy. Roots Mastiha, Roots Tentura, Roots Rakomelo and Roots Herb Spirit share old recipes and old ingredients that have survived through the years, reinventing greek liqueurs ! 

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Roots Mastiha: a magic resin

Mastic distillate liqueur. Mastic (or mastiha) is the resin of the native Mastic trees on Chios island. This is the only place in the world where pure mastic, the famous ʻtears of Chiosʼ, flourishes since antiquity. It is the essence and soul of this peculiar and extra premium liqueur, giving it a crisp & piny sweet yet sour feel.

Roots Tentura: true cinnamon

Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, citrus. An old school liqueur from a harbor town in Greece since the 15th century enters a new age. It has a smooth vintage feeling with a rich and lush cinnamon taste, a sweet peppermint and french vanilla feel & a gently spicy aftertaste.

Roots Rakomelo: warm greek honey

Simply put raki, grape pomace distillate, with meli (honey in greek), or the winter remedy on the Cyclades islands for centuries. Rakomelo blends natural honey in perfect harmony with the strong raki spirit, while cinnamon and clove buds add the finishing touch to an idiosyncratic and remarkable flavour.

Roots Herb Spirit: smooth bitter with diktamo

Origanum dictamnus, or dittany of Crete (diktamo), is the maestro of a symphony of herbs and spices harmonized together into the original Herb Spirit, the first greek amaro. Dittany has been known since ancient greek times for its medicinal properties and alongside a variety of greek herbs gives Herb Spirit a smooth and layered fresh-bitter balance.