Roots Christmas Treats

Roots Christmas Treats

The ideal Roots treats for a perfect holiday gathering


Roots Christmas Treats

A nice dinner is not just coupled with a nice bottle of wine. It needs to start off nicely and end in an even better manner ! An extra note of hospitality that your guests will love. Plus it is very easy ! You just need to think ahead of a welcome drink and some after dinner digestifs. And everyone will remember it !

The Welcome Drink

Every holiday gathering needs to have a great welcome drink. The role of the welcome drink is exactly what the word describes, welcoming and heartwarming. And there is no better welcome offering than a liqueur. ⁣Roots Kanela has its roots in the homemade tinctures (extracts, which got named "tentura"), made with spices arriving at the ports of the Ionian Sea, namely in Patras. ⠀

Roots Kanela has a rich and lush earthy taste with a sweet peppermint and french vanilla feel; a sense of a sweet ʻcigar boxʼ cedary aftertaste. A little bit sweet, sort of spicy; cinnamon scent. Almost Christmas in a glass.

You can offer it just neat or in a very easy homemade & light Gluhwein:

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Kanela Gluhwein

(just need to remember the 4-4-2 rule):⠀

Warm up gently⠀
- 40ml ROOTS Kanela
- 40ml of any red wine⠀
- 20ml orange juice⠀

and that's it ! A perfect Gluhwein to enjoy easily at home !⠀

The Digestif

⁣“Long before there were chef-driven cocktails, there were monk-driven digestivi, also known as amari. They made us feel better, encouraged post-prandial discourse, and set us up for a better tomorrow”

⁣Roots Diktamo

⁣Roots Diktamo is the first greek amaro, based on an old recipe and on one of the most extraordinary and unique herbs, dittany of Crete (or diktamo in greek). ⁣Dittany of Crete (Origanum Dictamnus or dittany of Crete), is a Mediterranean herb closely related to Marjoram and Oregano and is a healing, therapeutic and aromatic perennial plant from the island of Crete, in Greece. 

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Just serve neat in a small glass⠀

- 1 part ROOTS Diktamo

You can add some ice, a cucumber slice and a little bit of tonic for extra freshness⠀

Roots Mastic Vintage Strength

Roots Mastic Vintage Strength is honouring the traditional process, ⁣when Mastic used to be enjoyed neat, as a strong spirit. Roots Mastic is always only 100% Chios mastic resin distillate, yet in the vintage strength edition more distillate is used than in the normal edition, which results at 40% ABV (80 proof) bottling.⠀

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- Enjoy Roots Mastic VS after your dinner on ice, with a splash of tonic or just ice cold with a lemon zest ! Amazing !⠀

The Get-Together Drink

Now it is time after your nice dinner and your digestifs to start relaxing and enjoying the night. Playing card games, telling stories or jokes, there is no better company that a warm honey drink. The Guardian has recently included it in the 10 of the best warming winter drinks around the world:

"When winter arrives in Greece, locals turn to rakomelo, meant to be sipped and enjoyed in good company"

Roots Rakomelo elevates the traditional recipe to a premium modern spirit. The highest quality muscat grapes raki is blended with greek thyme honey, without any added sugar. The rough landscapes alongside the wide biodiversity of flora combined with the Aegean summer sun makes greek honey some of the finest in the world. Thyme honey is the most revered Greek honey as thyme-fed bees produce less honey, making it rare and unique. 

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- Just warm up gently ROOTS Rakomelo in a small pot or a kettle until up to 50C, or just until it starts slightly smoking. Remove it from the heat and enjoy while still hot !

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