Roots & Sodas

Roots & Sodas

Greek aperitif reborn


Roots & Sodas

Mihai Ostafi, head bartender of Oriole bar in London, one of the world's 50 best bars since its opening, explains

"Simple, and lower abv, serves are getting more popular and premium quality liqueurs are a tool in a bar which is extremely useful for such serves".

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Liqueurs & Sodas

The trend of aperitifs and low abv drinks is already established in most cocktail capitals of the world. The recent boom in the market of craft sodas, which offer a variety of innovative and fresh flavours of mixers, has provided with an ideal coupling to premium liqueurs, making it easier to create "new age long drinks". Even more consumers are interested in tasting differently flavoured light long drinks with craft sodas and the range of Roots offers an incredibly rich and natural toolbox of flavours to play with.

"Mediterranean Soda": Roots Mastiha, vodka & Three cents grapefruit soda
The Connaught Hotel, London

Mediterranean Soda

Mihai continues:
"New age liqueurs like Roots play a prominent role in this trend. They have a rich heritage, really unique ingredients, and represent old recipes with “roots” in the past. Roots help us create memorable experiences for our guests, simple, with a wonderful story they can always remember."

Greek aperitif reborn

The trend of long drinks & low abv drinks has started to be well received in the Athens bar scene as well the latest years. Either the need for lighter drinks, or the swift of daily habits from going out late at night to going out earlier in the afternoon, after the office, has brought up again the 'aperitif' trend in Athens.

The idea is simple & low ABV: Roots & soda, build, stir & ready

Roots Diktamo & Thomas Henry coffee tonic
TYCO, Athens

Roots Diktamo & coffee tonic - TYCO

Especially in Greece, liqueurs like Roots Rakomelo or Roots Mastic, are deeply 'rooted' in old traditions. They have been reinvented in a handcrafted premium version, embracing the new liqueur revolution, and giving the ability to bartenders to offer an ideal base for creative long drinks or spritzers. 

Roots Rakomelo & Thomas Henry mango lemonade, 
Ruins Athens Urban Area

Roots Rakomelo & Mango

The addition of a third ingredient, like vermouth or gin, sometimes can give a bit more depth.

Roots Diktamo, vermouth & three cents ginger beer
Blue Parrot, Athens

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Roots Mastiha, Campari & tonic
White Spoon, AthensWhite Spoon

There are already some classic Roots & soda mixes, which have been through various menus & have almost become the "perfect serve" greek aperitif reborn! Two nice examples are 'Tramonto' and the 'Greek Mule'. As Manolis Luykiardopoulos of Odori explains "We like to combine the italian character of vermouth with greek products, giving a fresh note to the aperitif category"

"Tramonto": Roots Diktamo, vermouth & Three cents grapefruit soda - Odori Vermuteria di Atene 

"Greek Mule": Roots Kanela, lime & ginger beer - Dalliance House, Athens

greek mule

Grab your favourite Roots & your favourite craft mixer & yamas !