UK cocktail competition -  The finalists

UK cocktail competition - The finalists

We are happy to announce the finalists of our UK cocktail competition "When truly great drinks are easy to make"


UK cocktail competition - The finalists

After a long process due to the large number of entrants and the many interesting recipes, we managed to shortlist 16 finalists and 4 runner ups, for the London final in September. Initially we had planned for 15 finalists, but due to a draw in scores, we will have 16 finalists.

First of all we would like to thank all participants for their very interesting proposals and their effort. We really received many ideas and cocktails, and if possible we would like to have everyone at the final. Although the competition theme was an easy drink with 4 ingredients and no homemade ingredients, as many friends told us this proved to be a bigger challenge than an open to everything competition. Simple is not always easy, and the big challenge is to find balance with few ingredients. 

This competition illustrates that with Roots you don't need many more ingredients, as Roots provide elemental & natural tastes that can be the basis and the aroma of many simple, yet complex, drinks. And it was very successful as we received so many entries that provided exactly this.

But let's cut to the chase: 

The London finalists are (in no particular order):

• Aiden Page, 69 Colebrooke Row - London
• Benjamjn Smith, Doctor Inks Curiosities - Exeter
• Christopher Menning, Gravetye Manor - Sussex
• Davide Leanza, Untitled bar - London
• Federico Penzo, Looking Glass Cockctail Club - London
• Giannis Sitanos, American Bar at the Savoy - London
• Kieran Grieves, Bonbar - Newcastle upon Tyne
• Leonardo Baggio, Cahoots - London
• Lucas Roskell, Tattu - Manchester
• Mihai Ostafi, Oriole bar - London
• Misao Di Gregorio, The Holy Birds - London
• Nick Jackson, Bourne & Hollingsworth - London
• Paolo Molinaro, "Hutong" at the Shard - London
• Simone Solporini, 45 Park Lane - London
• Vincenzo Pagliara, The Connaught - London
• Yann Bouvignies, Scarfes Bar - London

The 4 runner ups are:

• Sergio Leanza, Nine Lives - London
• Peter Konkoly, The Arts club - London
• Stefano Cristiani, The Hide Bar - London
• Kelly Ballett, Weber & Trings - Bristol


The final will take place in London, at Cahoots, 13 Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PG, UK, on the 25th of September

Exact time, RSVP information and all details will be announced soon ! Stay tuned !


We would like to particularly thank for being very close to the final but unfortunately we had to select only a few :

Luke Prince
Dom Saunders
Ciprian Zsraga
Nick Jackson
Luca Pollastrelli
Antonino Madonia
Yannis Vlahos
Robin Phileas
Ostap Giagniouk
Riccardo Cella
Jim Witmore
Samantha Cleary
Luis Robson
Florian Oliver Perez
Adam Marsden
Dan McIntosh
Benjamjn Smith
Riccardo Aletta
Dario Guaglione
Lükas Alberti
Paul Clinton
Stuart Binks
Giorgio Ferrarese
Steve Ellis
Jeremy Le Blanche
Joshua Stewart
Kostas Bardas
Michael Robinson
Stefan Pohlod
Isaac Jones
Niccolò Altomare
Simone Cuppari
Louie Pollard
Antonio Guarnera
Andy Choleau
Jordan Webb
Mycol Cavalieri
Petros Venekti
Dimitrios Brouzioutis
Wadie Dahhan
Matteo Mosetti
Mateus Mendes