When London went back to the ROOTS in Athens !

When London went back to the ROOTS in Athens !

Oriole, Cahoots, Savoy & Nine Lives going back to the Roots, at the Athens Bar Show !


When London went back to the ROOTS in Athens !

A night and an event to remember, with amazing guests and an incredible atmosphere !

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Athens Bar Show as every year was a blast, and after our UK competition final, the winner alongside our friends went back to the ROOTS in Athens.

4 LONDON BARS (Oriole, Cahoots, Nine Lives & The Savoy!) took over the ROOTS stand at the bar show, and Noel bar in Athens.

The philosophy of Roots brings us back to the four basic elements of nature, where everything is elemental, natural and true. This is what our friends from the UK discovered in Athens. Truly great drinks are easy to make, you just need the elements, the unique ingredients & a story to tell.

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• Gabriele Manfredi (UK Roots Premium Spirits ambassador) & Mihai Ostafi from Oriole Bar (Best new cocktail bar 2016, #17 best bar in the world 2017)

• Sergio Leanza (Back to the ROOTS UK competition winner) from NINE LIVES BAR

• Michele Venturini from the amazing Cahoots London

• And the greek fellow Giannis Sitanos (3d place back to the ROOTS UK) from The Savoy, The World's best bar 2017)

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